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Crown Hill Cemetery Holds Memorial Day Ceremony Honoring Fallen Soldiers

During the ceremony, a veteran who had been injured while serving in Iraq gave a speech. He stressed the significance of not just having a good time on Memorial Day but also not forgetting why the holiday is observed in the first place.

The INDIANOPIS— During Memorial Day, people all throughout the country, including right here in the middle of Indiana, paid tribute to those who had passed away protecting our rights and liberties.

On Monday, an memorial service has held at Crown Hills Cemetery to pay tribute to the lives lost by men and women who were serving our country at the time of their deaths.

During the ceremony, Marine Corporal Josh Bleill shared his thoughts by saying, “When we consider of veterans, we frequently think of older, harder people.” The majority of those who have served our country and are being honored on Memorial Day are, in point of fact, younger men and women.

“While they sacrifice their live, they sacrifice two lives: the one they were living & the one they won’t get to live,” Ronald Reagan famously observed.

When an improvised explosive device (IED) went off in Iraq in 2006, Bleill lost both of his legs. However, he stated that the most difficult thing was finding out that two of his crew members had passed away.

“Lance Corporal Joshua Hines and Sgt. Brock Bab gave their life for us, as have millions &  millions of other men & women,” Bleill said. “They are among the millions & millions of other men & women.”

“On Memorial Day, we gather together to honor their memories, their life, their sacrifices, and their willingness. We also come to honor their families, who have hato go on without them.”

Even while it’s enjoyable to barbeque, go swimming, & spend time with family on Remembrance Day, Corporal Bleill encourages everyone to have meaningful conversations about the holiday’s significance with their friends and family.

“They are most certainly looking down and making the most of this wonderful day. They are thankful that we take the time this morning to not only take pleasure in the day, but also to reflect on the reasons we have it “Bleill remarked.

On Monday, numerous law enforcement agencies in the state of Indiana observed a moment of silence in remembrance of fallen service members.

One of the ways in which they accomplished their goal was by creating a CrossFit workout named the Murph Challenge in honor of Navy Seal Mike Murphy.

Murphy was killed in combat in 2005 while serving his country in another country. The events of his life were dramatized in the film “Lone Survivor,” which was released in 2013. Since 2007, on each and every Holiday Weekend, people from different parts of the country have competed in Murph Challenges. It is a challenging activity with the goal of raising money for a worthy cause.

On Monday, the challenge was completed by students from East brook High School, as well as officers from the Marion Police Department, the Indiana  Police, & the Marion Health Department.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office sends a few deputies and civilians to compete in the challenge, which consists of mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, & 300 bodyweight squats. The final stage of the challenge consists of a run that is one mile long.

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